Cure for Alzheimer disease

Cure for Alzheimer disease

Cure for Alzheimer disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a kind of brain disorder that breaks down and destroys the brain cells and the body’s nervous system, which connects brain cells. This damage causes memory loss and affects the mental capabilities of a person. Sadly, there is no particular cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but yes, some of the treatments and products can help reduce the symptoms of this disease. Researches are still observing the prevent the onset of AD. Many doctors prefer products such as magnesium threonate sleep for better mind connection for the patient. Hence the treatment is focused upon better quality of life for the people dealing with AD. Let us discuss some of the food items that can help in Cure AD.

Omega 3

Many of the doctors prefer omega-three tablets for AD because much of the research has proved that fatty acids which are present in AD help in reducing cognitive impairment, but it is always recommended that you should take this product if it is prescribed by your doctor or medical consultant you can understand more about it by consulting to your doctor. Omega 3 fatty acids not only help in reducing cognitive impairment but also boost the brain performance of the person. Many modern-day athletes are consuming this product with a consultant. Although you can include omega-three fatty acid by having it on your diet, such as you can get it by eating fish, juts and some healthy essential oil.


Generally, aromatherapy uses essential oil for enhancing well-being. A study has seen that some of the patients who are affected by aromatherapy have improved thinking skills. Aromatherapy can include healthy essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, orange and lemon. There are some of the products which you can buy online in which this essential oil is present, and wisepowder is the manufacturer’s factory of this product.  But still, many of the researches need to be conducted for a more extended period to confirm aromatherapy uses. It is always recommended that one not apply this essential oil directly to their skin because it can show some minor side effects on some people.

Herbal Tablets

Herbal tablets or medicines can impact people dealing with AD disorder. Much of the research is still needed to see any positive connection between ginkgo Biloba and AD disorder. Some herbs effects are positive on people dealing with AD because of their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. You can find many herbal food products at Be sure that you make an alternative approach to these herbs to your doctor because many herbs can interact with other medicines and negatively impact the body.

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