WOW TBC Classic – Best Profession Pairings (Part 3)

WOW TBC Classic – Best Profession Pairings (Part 3)

WOW TBC Classic – Best Profession Pairings (Part 3)

Following on from Best Profession Pairings (Part 2), there are two more Profession Pairings which have not yet been explained, which are:


    • Pairs with: LEATHERWORKING
    • Self-explanatory, Skinning mobs is the only way for Leatherworkers to obtain rare creature skins, besides very small loot chances.
    • You can also collect experience and other loot drops too, while going out to kill creatures for their skins, providing extra incentives for you to opt for this Profession.
    • Pairs with: ENCHANTING
    • As explained in an earlier part of Profession Pairings, Tailoring combines greatly with Enchanting as certain items created through Tailoring are able to be enchanted further to provide certain buffs and passive effects for your characters.
    • Now that we have gone through all of the necessary Profession Pairings in WOW The Burning Crusade Classic (TBCC), which one do you think will benefit you the most in the game?

      Every advantage counts in WOW TBCC, so choosing the right Profession will definitely come a long way towards your victory against the invading forces of the Burning Legion in the game.

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